Art as Telepathy

Psyphon 1 is an experimental system device which has been designed to test the theory that art can be a medium for transmitting artistic concepts telepathically.

It is based on the assumption that we have entered the human evolutionary stage known as ‘noosphere’ where consciousness,
the mind and interpersonal relationships dominate and control our development.

Research in the areas of parapsychology, global consciousness, thought experiment etc has tapered off dramatically since the 1960’s. The rise of rigid scientific empiricism and humanistic indeterminism has seen a decline of belief in almost all non-material phenomena. When it comes to sharing ideas it is generally considered that secular controlled mass media and the internet are the best we can expect. The proposition that we might communicate without being plugged in has fallen out of fashion.

The Psychic Batteries
The four psychic batteries store thought or nous. They are constructed of locally sourced concrete aggregate and old steel.  The batteries are ‘charged’ by movement through the noosphere present at a cultural nexus such a gallery or performance space. The focused attention of a large number of people will greatly increase the storage capacity of the batteries.

The Antenna Array
The antenna consists of two parallel rows of steel bars. These are offset at an angle of two degrees. By altering the configuration of the antenna array the Psyphon can be tuned to broadcast a specific artistic concept. The introduction of cultural artefacts into the system can extend the scope of possible ideas which can be broadcast.  Audience participation will significantly increase the chance of success and generally make for better entertainment.

The Moiré Effect
Of note is the fact that in its default configuration Psyphon consists of only parallel lines. Even if every edge, line, or bar was extended to infinity there would not be a single intersection or convergence resulting. Therefore the uncharged device can be regarded as geometrically and mathematically inert.
However the two degree offset of the antenna arrays results in a visual intersection effect known as moiré patterning. This optical illusion exists only in the ‘eye of the beholder’. It is clearly seen and yet it is not a true physical interaction. The subtle moiré effect is analagous to the role that the thoughts and feelings of an artist have in shaping an artwork.

Art is always something more than the materials from which it is constructed. An artist usually imbues their work with an aesthetic /psychic charge intended for sharing with an audience. A viewer’s perception of, and response to, this energy may be regarded as subjective or illusory.
It is, however, a very real and personal experience