Sculpture Artist. Queenstown, New Zealand

Two Villains

Curiosity. Steel sculpture of New Zealand bird by Queenstown artist, Tony O'Keefe

The common blackbird or manu pango is New Zealand’s most widespread and easily seen bird species.
Familiar to everyone as the mischevious immigrant who loves to mess up our nicely mulched garden edges.
Introduced in the 1860’s he’s of similar vintage to the Kelly axe head.

Before human arrival this land was 85% covered in forest.
Our activities have now reduce the area of native bush to just 25%.

┬áDuring New Zealand’s pastoral and logging era the Kelly axe was one of the most favoured and hardworking forestry tools.

Information on the Kelly Axe Company can be found here:

Dimensions: 29x20x17cm
Medium: Repurposed steel and antique axe head


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